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LAUSD Cellphone Policy

CELLULAR TELEPHONES  - It is the policy of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to prohibit the use of cellular phones or any electronic signaling device by students on campus during normal school hours. 


  • The following guidelines apply:
  • Students are permitted to possess cellular phones, pagers, and electronic signaling devices on campus provided that any such device remains "off" and stored in a backpack, purse, or other places where it is not visible during normal school hours or school activities.
  • Students are only permitted to use cellular phones, pagers, and electric signaling devices before entering campus in the morning and after school hours.
  • Students must comply anytime a request is made by school personnel to cease the use of a cellular telephone, pager, or other electronic signaling devices even before or after school.
  • If such a device is observed by staff during school hours or activities, it shall be confiscated until redeemed by a parent/guardian/caregiver or as determined by the school principal/designee.

KITTRIDGE STREET ELEMENTARY is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones and other electronic devices.